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Jammy is the dispenser for jams, honey and creams for any hospitality and catering facilities.
  • Jammy guarantees hygiene, functionality and practicality allowing the quality of the products dispensed.
  • Jammy is ideal for any hospitality and catering facilities, guarantees the quality and fragrance of the semi-solid food products in distribution.
  • Jammy is contemporary: its new original and sophisticated design adapts well to any environment. its chrome details make it captivating. 
  • Jammy is ecological: it significantly reduces the environmental impact on waste generation by releasing the right amount of product for every usage. 


Width: 11.5cm
Height: 4cm


Width: 13.3cm
Depth: 38.5cm
Height: 37cm


Width: 11,5cm
Height: 4cm

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Jammy is available with direct spout and/or filling spout for filling of croissants.

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